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With a clean and simple interface, MING Network Monitor is a great way for anyone to keep track of everything happening on your LAN. It looks a lot like your computer's directory of files.


Easy to install and simple to use, anyone can keep an eye on the internet goings-on in their home. This is great to keep track of what your kids are saying during instant message conversations or on Facebook, or to make sure your employees aren't going to sites they shouldn't. No spyware or adware is associated with this program.

Main Function

MING Network Monitor allows users to see every instant message, email, website, and download that has happened on your home computer. It not only records Yahoo and ICQ, but AOL, MSN, MySpaceIM, FacebookIM, WarcraftIM, and QQ conversations. It organizes them by user and allows keyword searching as well to make it even easier.

Extra Features

Not only will you see everyone's emails and conversations, you'll also be able to keep an eye on bandwidth for each and every computer on your LAN. Browse by keyword, computer name, or even date/time. The program will even show you who spends the most time online. Receive usage logs by email or upload to a server, and feel confident knowing it can run in stealth mode so as not to be detected.


For the worried parent or employer, the price of $29.95 is well worth it for the peace of mind MING Network Monitor will bring.

Reviewer's rating

Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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